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Hello and welcome to my site - Little Grey Cells - Dedicated to Agatha Christie.

My name is Dee Steel and I have been a fan of Dame Agatha all my life. I am also a Collector and have all her books by various publishers including Harper Collins, Fontana and Pan to name a few. This is an on-going hobby which I enjoy immensely. I developed Little Grey Cells - Dedicated to Agatha Christie as first a Page, then a Group on Facebook. Through connecting with other like-minded folk, I have made some very good friends and have learned so much from others. I also have an Instagram account and a Twitter account, both are titled Little Grey Cells and I dedicated them to images and Stills from TV shows and Films adapted from Agatha Christie's works.

I am currently working on my artwork, both freehand and digital, and aim to develop Little Grey Cells merchandise and Agatha Christie-influenced items which will be available on Etsy, Facebook and via this website, in the very near future.

I am also currently working on my first murder/mystery book set in the 1930's involving my new band of characters. This will be the first of a series of books starring a brand new Detective and based on members of my own family and events from my life.

If you have a passion for Agatha Christie and enjoy her works as much as I do, then I hope you enjoy my site and please leave me comments or log onto Facebook and take a look at my Page and Group.

In the meantime, thank you for visiting and I hope to see you back again really soon. I would like to introduce you to my good friend, collaborator and Partner In Crime - Sarah Sedman - whom I connected with, via Facebook, nearly 2 years ago and we have become good pals ever since. I invited her to help me run my Little Grey Cell pages and Group on Facebook and, thankfully, she also agreed to come onboard with me to run this brand new website!

Dee xxx



My Pal, Right-Hand Gal and Partner in Crime

Hi, I'm Sarah 

I have long been a fan of mystery and crime stories. When I came across the book "The Murder of Rodger Ackroyd " I would never of guessed the ending... that's AC for you! After that I was totally hooked. My favourite book is "Evil under the sun". The plot pulled me in and i couldn't put it down. I loved the way she adds red herrings which makes you question everything.

Nearly a year ago, i stumbled across " Little Grey  Cells Dedicated to Agatha Christie" group. Dee and I hit it off instantly. Kindly, she asked me to give her a helping hand in running the group.This group has gone from strength to strength and that has motivated me to keep on sharing my passion with others alike. Along the way, i have made some new friends with a common intrest of AC.

For the most part, we are a light hearted bunch here at LGCDAC and are always open to new members who share our passion of AC and her work. 

Let the fun continue...